Friday, August 10, 2012

Dvorak 3

So, on Wednesday, I talked about the history of Dvorak. Yesterday, I convinced you that it's awesome. Today, I'm here to talk about how I switched. I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about how to switch, other people have already done that really well. Here's a page on how to switch your software layout. Because there's so many types of computers, you should google if you want to switch the hardware too.

When I switched, I did it over Spring Break. It gave me a little time off to get used to using the keyboard before I had to jump back into the school routine again. I am glad I did this, and I would highly recommend that you do to. I also physically rearranged my keyboard; this made the switch a lot faster. Pictures Above.

It was a lot of fun, and once I had the arrangement and the software switched, I went straight back to what I usually do, talking to people. I don't teach myself with programs. I tried it the very first time I was learning. It was mindnumbingly boring. I then started playing online games where I was chatting for hours at a time. I got really good really fast. I even got accused of having a bot to type for me at times. And this was with QWERTY. When I switched to Dvorak, I was staring at the keyboard for about 5 hours. Then I was touch typing again. And I've only gotten faster since then. I've also gotten to where I can type Dvorak on a keyboard without rearranging the keys. So, when I got a new computer, I didn't rearrange the keys, mainly so that the little bumps on the f and j keys are still where my index fingers go.

I haven't forgotten how to type with QWERTY, as I talked about yesterday. And I love how comfortable it is for me to type in Dvorak. You've now heard the history of Dvorak, the reasons to switch, and my personal story. Now go switch!

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